About Us

The Wyoming Chapter is a domestic chapter of the American College of Cardiology (ACC). For more information about the ACC, please visit www.acc.org.

What does membership of the American College of Cardiology mean?

What is a FACC?

http://www.acc.org/membership/about-membership/the-facc-designation.  For more information about the value of an FACC, please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuFSoCs84J8

Current Wyoming FACCs

First Name Last Name Business City Business State
Robert Davis Cheyenne WY
Allan Mattern Casper WY
Joseph Oyster Torrington WY
Gerald Dorros Wilson WY
Kenneth Begelman Jackson WY
Andrew Rashkow Cody WY
Curtis Li Casper WY
Wesley Hiser Casper WY
Nicholas Stamato Gillette WY
Michael Eisenhauer Casper WY
Allan Wicks Casper WY
John Pickrell Casper WY
Adrian Fluture Casper WY
M. Obadah Al-Chekakie Overland Park KS
Muhammad Khan Cheyenne WY
David Silver Cheyenne WY
Robert Novick Casper WY
Sairav Shah Gillette WY
Larry Hattel Cheyenne WY

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